Philomena Salem

Philomena Dominique Salem is a multi-medium artist, educator, freelance face-painter, and active advocate of child well-being.

Philomena studied Media Technology at Jack Yates High School in Houston, Texas and earned her BA in Moving Image Arts from the College of Santa Fe in 2010.

She has been working for the betterment of children since 2007, beginning as a production assistant and juror for KIDS FIRST! Coalition for Quality Children’s Media. She now manages KIDS FIRST!’s weekly radio show featuring youth-led interviews that review upcoming films and tv shows. 

Since college, she has focused her career to serve youth and has worked with children of all ages in many different venues such as schools, camps, museums, and juvenile correctional facilities.

She is passionate about promoting the importance of self-expression and creative opportunity for children and in 2014 she created the youth-focused, arts-based non-profit organization, UNLOCKED MINDS, Inc.

In her freetime, Philomena likes to play post-apocalyptic video games, collect things that are pink and purple, and make the world around her a little more enjoyable with her preferred tools of paint and glitter.