Lynn Kelly Memorial Endowment

Dear Friend of La Casita Preschool,

We are happy to share that this school year celebrates La Casita Preschool’s 50th anniversary of serving children and families in the community!  It is a bittersweet milestone, as this year the school also lost its beloved Co-Founder, Lynn Kelly.  It was Lynn’s wish that the school would thrive far beyond her lifetime and, in an effort to honor her work and dedication to early childhood education, we are pleased to announce the formation of the Lynn Kelly Memorial Endowment. 

If you are receiving this letter, we already consider you a friend of the school. Perhaps you left your child’s lunch in the Cubby Room each morning over a Summer Session; or spent a day each month as a Parent Participator giving pushes on the swing; or, maybe you attended as a child and have fond, fuzzy memories of the art room, loft and your favorite teacher.  

Whatever your relationship to the school, you know La Casita and its mission to serve children and families through high quality early childhood education and parent involvement. We invite you to make a contribution toward the establishment of the Endowment fund to help ensure that we can provide that same experience for many years to come. Your gift today will help ensure the school’s financial stability far into the future, relieving the burden of fiscal anxiety and allowing the teachers, staff and Board to focus on what they do best: nurturing the next generation of La Casita students. 

Please consider making a contribution to the Lynn Kelly Memorial Endowment and help the school step into its next 50 years on stable ground.

Donate Here:

Or mail a check directly to:
La Casita Preschool
438 Alamo Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Many thanks,
La Casita Preschool Board of Directors

PS.  Are you still in touch with students or parents from your years at La Casita?  Would you consider forwarding this request and helping us reach more alumni?