Our School

One thing I really appreciated was La Casita’s emphasis on literacy. It was always a priority when a child wanted to write and illustrate a story. And these stories were always made into a book with a colorful cover. It started my daughter on the path of writing, and she was actually able to get a book published when she was 11. My other daughters also benefited, and developed a love of reading and books.

Alumni Parent

La Casita is a parent co-operative school.

There are two teachers and one parent in the classroom daily. Parents serve on the board of directors with the teachers. The board of directors is responsible for running the school including budgets and policies. Parents are in charge of bringing snack once a month, driving for field trips, physically maintaining the school and fund-raising (children’s art calendar sales, grocery store cards, garage sales, raffles, brick sales, etc.). Funds from these fund-raising projects are used to provide scholarships and purchase equipment and materials for the school.

When parents are involved in the early education of their children, parents and children learn together. It is important that the school reinforce family life, rather than be separate from it. Parents and children from different backgrounds come together in the classrom, reinforcing relationships through a shared experience. We maintain an open door policy for parents and family members and they are welcome to visit our school at any time.

With parents being involved in the school, tuition and expenses can be kept to a minimum allowing more families of different income levels to join our school. Generally speaking, parents are responsible for administering the school, while the teachers are responsible for the educational program.